audrey verma


Research area & interests

Hello world! I am an interdisciplinary social scientist, and my research interests cover many aspects of the digital and biosocial. Key areas include digitally-enabled knowledge production and participation/citizenship, technological mediations between humans and wildlife, representations of nature in digital art and games, digital afterlives, and digital discourses/practices of organisations. I am also deeply interested in the practices and concept of interdisciplinary research.

My PhD research (2012-2016) with the University of Aberdeen was on the role of digital technologies in human – nature relationships. In 2016, I had the wonderful opportunities of lecturing in Sociology at the world’s oldest business school, and of working on the novel Citizen Sense project. An ongoing postdoc with Newcastle University sees me conducting an ethnographic study to understand the interdisciplinary knowledge production processes occurring within the Creative Fuse North East project.

When not being a social scientist and minor activist, I can almost definitely be found outdoors looking for birds and bugs. The nature blog I co-write is Winging It.

Formal education

  • 2016: PhD in Biological Sciences, University of Aberdeen; affiliated with dot.rural RCUK Digital Economy Hub and The James Hutton Institute (Social, Economic and Geographical Sciences group) [see my post-graduation interview here]
  • 2011: Master’s in Sociology (M. Soc. Sci.), National University of Singapore
  • 2007: Bachelor’s (first class honours) in Sociology (B. Soc. Sci. Hons), National University of Singapore


  • spoken and written: English and Malay
  • spoken: Mandarin and Hindi/Punjabi
  • beginner: Arabic

5 thoughts on “about

  1. Hi Dear Audrey, I am currently doing a research on the domestic helper and employer in Singapore.
    I am a student teacher in NIE
    I am very interested in reading your thesis on this subject.
    I would sincerely request for a copy of it for reference.
    Thank you.

  2. Thank you so much but i am unable to download from this link.
    May I know if you can advice me on how .?

    • Hi Hwei Ling, not sure if you are still having issues downloading. You should get a terms and conditions page first if you click on the link I gave. If you accept, it will take you to the thesis item record, and if you scroll down to files, you will see the download link for the thesis. Alternatively, I believe you can request for the hard copy via interlibrary loan through NIE library. If easier for you, you can also drop me an email directly, I will be happy to send you a copy.

  3. thanks a lot

    I managed to download it

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