audrey verma

postdoctoral research

My postdoctoral research (October 2016 to September 2018) at Newcastle University sees me conducting an ethnographic study as part of the Creative Fuse North East project.

Creative Fuse North East (CFNE) revolves around the creative, digital and IT industry (CDIT) sector in North East UK. The project consists of two primary phases over two and a half years (May 2016 to October 2018): The first phase involves the empirical mapping of the sector, and the second phase will see the application of knowledge gleaned from the first phase to develop and implement ‘Innovation Pilot’ initiatives. These initiatives will cross disciplines and sectors to bring businesses, public organisations and academics from the five North East universities together.

I will be working alongside Dr Cathrine Degnen to fulfil Work Package 7 of CFNE. On this Work Package, we will be following the project throughout, using ethnographic methods to document the processes, practices, networks and narratives within the project. We will be undertaking this research with the view to critically understand the nature of interdisciplinarity in the (co)production of knowledge and innovation.

Interdisciplinarity, knowledge (co)production, innovation